“PACOM” doo  with its commitment to consistently implement the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2008 standard sets the goals:

  • to be the leading organization in the group of producers of beautiful, colorful colors and varnishes in the country;

  • to provide its place on the market with high quality products, respecting the requirements and expectations of customers;

  • to provide good partner relations with suppliers with a constant and high quality of input components;

  • continuous modernization of equipment and training of personnel;

  • Leadership role of management;

  • continuously increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of all work processes;

  • profitability of total business;

  • reducing the cost of doing business with the efforts of all employees to make their obligations in time and good; for the first time and every time;

  • deciding on the basis of collected and analyzed data related to processes;

  • partner relationship with users;

  • to contribute to the preservation and improvement of the environment and human health by monitoring and implementation of legal regulations;

  • improving the working conditions, raising standards and raising the awareness of employees about the impact of their activities, and raising their commitment to the organization, will provide continuous improvement of the system and increase profits;

  • continuously monitoring and adopting new technologies provide constant development which provides opportunities for job creation;

  • achieving and maintaining diversity in the offer.

PACOM doo - Proizvodnja lepkova i boja


Proizvodnja i uprava:
Pakovraće 63
32102 Čačak
telefon: +381 (0) 32-55-89-600
fax: +381 (0) 32-55-89-600
mobilni: +381 (0) 66-370-400
Prodaja:    +381 (0) 66-370-401
Predstavništvo Beograd:
Milorada Bate Mihailovića 8
11210 Beograd
telefon: +381 (0) 11-271-76-78
Prodaja: +381 (0) 66-370-403